Robin Callaway, Animal Caretaker/Landscaper

Robin works full time in the Mattoon office as the Kennel Manager/Groundskeeper.

She is one who is spoiling your pets rotten when you leave them her boarding. She loves her job! You can find her most days hiding out in the kennel area with the dogs or wandering the outside grounds taking care of all the plants. 

 She treats every pet like it was her own. We are very lucky to have her taking care of our boarders!

Robin has 6 dogs; Artax (Chihuahua), Bella (Schipperke mix), Rousseau (Standard Poodle), Cyrus (Rat Terrier), Flipper (Beagle mix), and  Juba (Toy Poodle). 2 cats; Plato and Eileen. She also has birds; Birdie (Cockatiel), and Pete (Caique), Sammy and Blue.  

She is hoping we will find a Avian Veterinarian that will join our team of doctors so she can get her 501C  and become a bird rescue! 

Stella (9/9/00 - 7/3/15)


Choo Choo (1983 - November 2015) and Birdie   



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